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Use the PowerPoint to PDF converter tool to shift your presentations into a pdf document.

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How to Convert PPT to PDF Without Any Hassle?

Follow These Easy Steps to Transform Your Slides in One-Click!


Upload Presentations

Use the “Upload” option or drag and drop your PPT presentations in the input box of the tool.


Hit Convert File

After uploading the PPTX file, click on the “Convert to PPT” button and let the tool do its job.


Download PDF

The PDF presentation would be ready in seconds. You can download or share it for free.

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Try our Swift PPT to PDF Converter

Learn about the features of our PPTX to pdf converter tool!


One-Click Conversion

This PPT to pdf converter can transform your presentations with just one click. Get PDF slides in the same format and layout.


Privacy Guaranteed

PPT to PDF converter cares about your security. Once the conversion is made, both PPT and pdf files will be deleted from the server of our tool.


Universal Compatibility

This PPT to PDF online converter can be used on any device and on any operating system, including Windows, Mac, and even Linux.


Simple Conversion

The PPTX to PDF converter is quite easy to use. Just upload the slides, click “convert,” and get your downloadable PDFs!


PPT & PPTX Support

You can use this PPT converter without any limitations. It allows you to convert both PPT & PPTX files to pdf.


Cloud Based Conversion

The PPT to PDF converter can be accessed from anywhere as it is a cloud-based tool. All you need is a browser to use it.

Benefits of Using PDF Instead of PPT!

The online PPT to PDF converter is a reliable utility that can help you change presentations into PDF format. There are tons of reasons why pdf presentations are considered to be more convenient than PPTs. Some common reasons why PDF presentations are preferred are given below!


PowerPoint isn’t Always Available

One of the reasons to use our PPT to PDF converter is if PowerPoint is not available on the device you are planning on presenting your slides on. Pdf slides can be presented anywhere.


PDF Is More Secure

If your PPT presentation has sensitive data that you need to keep private, it is best that you convert PPT to PDF as you can lock a pdf file with a password. This feature is not available with PPTX.


PDF Retains Style and Format

PPT files may lose their format when opened on a different PPT version or a different device. PDF would preserve every element in your slides. This makes PDF a more convenient option.


PDFs are lower in size

PowerPoint presentations are usually larger in size. Large-size PPT files can slow down the machine they are being presented on. PDF presentations are lighter in size & can run on any device.